From Crain’s Detroit Business
Gallagher selected as one of the 50 fittest CEOs

Maureen Gallagher

Although much of her time is dedicated to running a business and teaching classes, Southfield-based Insurance Partners Academy Founder and Director Maureen Gallagher “can’t live without” regular exercise.

In fact, she wakes up before dawn many mornings not only to improve herself, but also to help others improve.

“When the alarm clock goes off at 4:30 a.m., you can’t roll over and go back to bed if you’re the instructor,” Gallagher said. She teaches four to seven spinning and fitball classes every week at a local fitness club.

She describes spinning, an exercise method similar to indoor biking, as the “only thing I’ve found that’s as intense as running.”

Fitball is an activity that uses a large inflatable ball to tone muscle.

And on days that she doesn’t teach, Gallagher wakes early to jog or do yoga.

“I’ve heard people referring to me as obsessed before, and I always correct them,” she said. “There’s a difference between being obsessed and being passionate.”

Since she began exercising regularly at the age of 18, staying active has become something that Gallagher can’t live without.

“It gets to the point where it gets more difficult for you not to exercise than to do it,” she said. “The weight-control aspect is fabulous, and energy is off the charts.

“You just get a sense of overall well-being.”

– Dirk VanderHart