What participants are saying about Insurance Partners Academy training…

The intellectual capital you gain from this class will set you apart from the competition and give you the tools you need to be a successful producer. The policy coverage issues you learn in this class are invaluable. If you don’t take this course, you should fear coming across a broker who has!
Danielle Chayot,
Vice President & Partner
Lockton Companies
Our agency has used Maureen for a coaching session with some of our producers which was outstanding.  She will absolutely exceed your expectations.  Over the years I have constantly sought out knowledge in a multitude of seminars and personal improvement audio programs.  Maureen is on my top three all time best presenters list.
Partner, Executive Vice President
McQueary Henry Bowles Troy, LLP
Dallas, TX

I call her SS for a reason. She is an absolute Insurance Super Star. One of the best I have ever met. What separates Maureen, however, from other leaders in our industry, is her innate ability to teach, support, and help others succeed. If I have a high level workers compensation/insurance question she will answer it for us. And…it does not matter what she has going on or just how busy she is. For example, we were working on a complex program for a prospective client of ours, Maureen tells us to call her back on a Saturday so she can devote more time to answering our questions. We laughed and said, you’re kidding? Who does that? SS does.

Matthew Broderson CWCA CWCC, Kraus-Anderson InsuranceBurnsville, MN
It’s true that Maureen’s knowledge is second to absolutely none, but it is her ability to EXECUTE that makes her the best. Lucky for all of us Maureen is also a mentor willing to give back to the industry and show you how to as well!
Keyser Insurance Group
Kalamazoo, MI
I think this gives class gives you real world experience that is not sugar coated. Maureen Gallagher is one of the best, most influential speakers and people you will ever come across in all industries, insurance or not.
Andrew Muller,
Charleston World Heritage Coalition
Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of South Carolina
Your CWCC class taught me how important it is to manage all claims.  Thank you for all the knowledge you provide.  Simply, in my opinion you are the most knowledgeable  workers compensation professional in the country today.
Larry Hemsley,
Safety Director
ITL Corporation/Industrial Timber & Lumber
Beechwood, OH
Maureen, thanks for including me in your CWCC course.  As an insured trying to control losses related to work comp, and dealing with work comp carriers frequently, your class helped tie the loose ends together.  It also showed how important it is to have a knowledgeable agent partner who can look out for our company’s best interest when dealing with the carriers.  You deliver a dynamic, logical, detailed course that anyone charged with loss control and work comp will not easily find anywhere else.
Grant Wilkerson CWCC,
Safety & Loss Control Director
MH Equipment Company
Mossville, IL
Maureen’s CWCC course is jam-packed with comprehensive, well organized material, discussion, and practical real-world examples and experiences. If you want to learn the various aspects of workers’ compensation from one of the industry’s most respected professionals then this class is for you!
Jeffrey M. Luhn, ARM, CWCC,
USI Insurance Services
Senior Property & Casualty Risk Analyst
Maureen’s experience and knowledge has proven to be an invaluable resource for our company. Attending her CWCC class helped me to gain insight and information that led to the eventual savings of thousands of dollars.  Her energy and enthusiasm for her work is contagious, and you leave her classes excited about taking on the challenges of risk management.
Gary Schiefelbein CWCC,
Jack Cooper Transit
Active Carhaul
Joplin, MO

I have been involved in the Workers Compensation industry for 29 years and recently attended one of Maureen’s CWCC classes.  Over the years, I have attended many different types of these classes, but have to truthfully say this was the best one ever!  Maureen’s passion for this industry is shown in her presentation and her knowledge of Workers Compensation is second to none.  I highly suggest anyone who has the responsibly to manage their company’s Workers Compensation program attend one of her classes. You will not be disappointed.

Gregg Ferguson, CWCC, Risk Manager - Workers CompensationLaurel Health Care Co.Westerville, OH

I first encountered Maureen when one of my partners (he is a staunch CIC supporter) brought her into our office for a seminar.  We are an extremely WC heavy organization, and I have to admit, as a firm believer in real life experience vs. a class taught education, I doubted that the time would be well spent.  Three years later, here I sit as a firm advocate of Maureen’s program, and did I mention a current CWCC designee! Maureen is one of those unique individuals that combine that killer instinct of a top sales person, which keeps you engaged, with a warehouse of WC specific knowledge, which she is able to impart to class participants with a clear passion for her work.

Geoff Goldwater, CWCC, PrincipalLyonsOdellRadnor, PA

Prior to attending the CWCC Seminar taught by Maureen Gallagher, I had several years experience on the clinical side of worker compensation.  I took on additional responsibilities in the administration of our worker compensation program for 800 employees.  Maureen broadened my knowledge immeasurably, and was able to connect all the dots in a clear, concise and meaningful way.  She is supremely knowledgeable in all aspects of worker compensation, had a fun no-nonsense approach, and offers practical advice that can be immediately implemented to better manage your worker compensation program.  Since attending and implementing a small portion of what Maureen taught, we were able to reduce our per employee cost 28%!  I look forward to building on this success.  Maureen is at the top of the field. Her information is beneficial for everyone, regardless of your experience. Thank you!

Dennis Schnepp, MS PT, Vice PresidentMajor Hospital (Actual name of the hospital)Shelbyville, IN

I am extremely impressed by the amount of knowledge that Maureen Gallagher possesses regarding all disciplines of the worker’s compensation system.  Her practical application of this knowledge and method of teaching and sharing it with others is outstanding.  The CWCC course that I attended was extremely well-organized and the materials were thorough and relevant to the course.  Everyone had fun while learning, networking and sharing “war stories.”  I have been in this field for 15 years and was pleasantly surprised to gain new insight and ideas to work with a system that is almost 100 years old!

I highly recommend this course to anyone trying to prevent injuries as well as control the cost of worker’s compensation claims in their company.  Whether you are new to the world of worker’s compensation or have been around for a while, you will benefit from this course!

Christine Pehler, CWCP CWCC, Corporate Claims ManagerAshley Furniture Industries, Inc.Arcadia, WI

The Certified Workers Compensation Counselor Program I took from Maureen was the most informative workers compensation class I have ever taken.  She brought so much more than just pure workers compensation education to the table but a whole fresh look on how to approach your clients about this topic.  With what I have learned in this class, I have been able to write more workers compensation business and protect the clients I have from outside competition.  I would highly recommend anyone working in this line of business to take this class from Maureen.  You will be far ahead of your peers on this topic.

Jim Watson CIC, CWCC, Talbot Agency, Inc.PartnerBillings, MT
“You’ve got to go to Maureen’s class!”  I heard this from several individuals!  I’ve been in this industry for 26 years, what could she teach me??? “A LOT”!  Three days packed with claims management, risk management, medical issues, e-mods, audits, funding methods, endorsements and more!  And not once…in those 3 full days, did I see anyone doze off.  Even after the wonderful lunch provided for us!

Maureen “knows her stuff” and makes it interesting and even fun.  Everyone at every level of experience will walk away with something new that they can take back and use.

I consider Maureen an excellent resource. If I have a question, I can contact her and she will follow up.

Deb Schultz, CWCP CWCC,
Northwest Ohio Business Consultant
Bureau of Workers Compensation
State of Ohio
“Polished” is the one word I’d choose to describe Maureen’s style and ability in front of a class.   I first met her as a student in the CWCC class and jumped at the opportunity to garner more knowledge from her in the PRIS class.  Maureen’s command and presentation skills fit the range of experience in the room perfectly.  She’s able to enhance a career professional’s knowledge, while walking the client along, step by step.  The best part was, I never felt like a client because she involves everyone!  Now, with the Maureen’s expertise, I’m much more involved.  More so, I’m able to convey the different facets of what insurance coverage’s are and how they align with the needs of a growing city to our elected officials.  Thanks Mo!
Dominick A. Mongarella, CWCC,
Safety Director
City of Jeffersonville, Indiana

My experience knowing Maureen Gallagher began over 6 years ago when I attended my first CWCC class (I have taken three and come away with a deeper understanding each time).  Since then I have made any class or instruction given by Maureen, and available to me, as a mandatory part of my career advancement.  I can’t say enough about Maureen’s instruction or the content of her classes.  They have helped me in many different aspects in the insurance industry.  I always walk away with a comprehensive and multi-faceted knowledge of the subject matter.  For instance, in the last class that I attended, there were insurance producers, claims adjusters, disaster planners, risk managers, HR people, and public adjusters.  I know we all felt exceptionally happy with the class and all felt that we got more than what we had anticipated from the class.  On a final note, Maureen is really fun and interesting. The class goes by far too fast.

Thanks again, Maureen.  You’ve helped me so much and in so many ways.  I hope to return the favor someday.

Jill Rogala, Bridge Insurance Group, LLEPetoskey, MI