Transforming the Landscape of Workers Compensation
Maureen Gallagher

Dramatically Reduce your Workers Compensation Costs

Workers compensation is a fairly reliable barometer of what is working well and not so well in a company. Overlooked cultural issues and corporate beliefs often impact workers compensation experience and cost to a much greater extent than what the insurance industry and businesses have traditionally focused on to control costs. This book explores how myths surrounding workers compensation have caused employers to often focus on the wrong things and mismanaged their workers compensation. Through real life success stories the book shows how fostering an atmosphere of trust and cooperation, examining and perhaps changing corporate beliefs and finding that rare individual to champion the workers compensation cause are extremely effective in reducing workers compensation costs and staving off many problems associated with workers compensation injury management.

The author, Maureen Gallagher, is a workers compensation expert and a frequent speaker, blogger and contributor to industry publications. Her message in Transforming the Landscape of Workers Compensation is radical, yet full of common sense; practical, yet comprehensive; and effective, yet simple. It all comes down to businesses focusing on the eighty percent of workers compensation they can control instead of the frustrating twenty percent out of their control. It’s about changing their beliefs and making fairness a corporate value that not only improves employee-employer relationships, but saves money—usually thousands of dollars but often millions of dollars